Integrating the mortal remains (the hardware) of a M∞ PILOT into the system is the most consequent way to participate in the mission. An art object, the M∞ TERMINUS, becomes the last resting place of a PILOT and serves as access point to connect to her or his ARCANUM CAPSULE (the digital remains). The TERMINUS links tangible and non-tangible aspects of existence – biomass and data.

A plug-shaped repository stores the ashes of a M∞ PILOT after cremation: mixed with concrete the ashes (at least 32g) from the size of one M∞ DISPLAY-PIXEL (ca 60 x 60 x 100 mm ).

One M∞ TERMINUS UNIT assumes the role of a dead pixel (replacing the light and displayed in- formation on the screen with mortal remains) and physically links to the info space behind the most mysterious curtain.

RFID devices in the concrete and M∞ PLAQUE (including both an alpha numerical and semacode) on the surface identifies and assigns each M∞ TERMINUS UNIT to its ARCANUM CAPSULE online.

A status LED on each unit indicates visitor traffic and the back-up status (distribution factor) of the digital ARCANUM CAPSULE. In case of danger / data loss the LED (blinking SOS signal) and a very minimal sound system generate attention and call for help.

A team led by the industrial designers Adrien Rovero and Augustin Scott de Martinville prepared the first beta mold which was tested in April 2007. Several adjustments will made in two upgrade steps until the end of 2007.