The production of an ARCANUM CAPSULE is an exclusive portrait process reserved for charismatic pioneers of the information age: so called M∞ PILOTS. Between 2005 and 2016 etoy plans to work with a maximum of 64 M∞ PILOTS. This interactive portrait series and a limited number of sculptures and installations (so called M∞ BRIDGES) mark the core of the art production of etoy.CORPORATION within the next 10 years.

etoy does not offer encapsulation services to the public because the process is artistically intense, still expensive, and requires the participation of trained etoy.AGENTS (engineers, designers, photographers and musicians). The operation is focused on very high quality and maximum care/innovation. So far only 2 TEST PILOTS are in the pipeline and 2 further candidates are being evaluation.

Between 2005 and 2008 etoy collaborates with TEST PILOTS to develop methods and technologies to capture the essence of human life. In particular etoy works with 2 MORTAL REMAINS TEST PILOTS (who already deceased but left a huge amount of digital data which is available to etoy for the production of the digital ARCANUM CAPSULE). MORTAL REMAINS TEST PILOTS allow etoy to conduct critical experiments with ash transfer and storage, as well as burial options before the process is save and scalable.

The schedule suggests that regular PILOTS will be integrated after spring 2008. If the TEST PILOTS' integration into MISSION ETERNITY succeeds, a nomination committee consisting of etoy.AGENTS, ADVISORS, and ANGELS will scan, shortlist, and select exceptional individuals as PILOTS to encapsulate. The process falls within the SHORT TERM GOALS of the mission. Your suggestion for a pioneer of the information age (a person who played or plays an exceptional role in advancing information technology and the information society) should be directed by email to: pilotproposal AT etoy DOT com.

Main criteria for PILOTS: the person must be alive, willing to share personal data and spend time (at least 32h) with members of the GROUND CREW.